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Equipment used in the manufacturing of wear parts and ground engaging tools:

  • Cut to length lines
  • Burn to shape tables
  • CNC machining centers
  • Multi-spindle Drilling Machines
  • Heat treating furnaces
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Shot blasting
  • Welding
OEM Wear Parts and Ground Engaging Tools Manufactured at TC Industries

OEM Wear Parts and Ground Engaging Tools Manufactured at TC Industries

TC Industries is the leader in serving OEM’s in the construction and mining sectors where cutting edges, bucket edges, wear parts and ground engaging tools are used. TC Industries, Inc. is proud of its long-term, world-class partnerships with leading OEM’s.

Cut to length

Four torches, three band saws and two shears with the ability to cut parts as thick as 76.2mm and as wide as 556mm.

Burn to Shape

Five work centers equipped with a maximum six torch heads capable of cutting parts from 7560mm X 2600mm X 150mm plates while holding a 3mm profile tolerance.

CNC Machining Centers

Thirteen CNC machines manufactured by Mazak and Quickmill with a maximum machining footprint of 1524mm wide x 8229mm long.

Multi-spindle Drilling Machines

Six Multi-spindle drilling machines capable of simultaneously drilling up to 21 in-line holes in parts up to 60mm X 482.6mm X 3657.6mm in size.

Heat Treating Furnaces

Five heat treating furnaces with maximum temperatures ranging from 1600-1825 degrees Fahrenheit. Parts processed up to 120mm x 1250mm x 7400mm in size.

Machine Presses

Sixteen presses with a maximum tonnage of 2000 tons capable of forming, hot forming, punching and straightening parts.

Shot Blasting

Three shot blasters using steel shot media to clean parts, including a pass through blaster processing parts up to 2438.4mm wide.


Welding at TC Industries

Welding at TC Industries

Capability to weld in SMAW, Robotic GMAW, FCAW and GTAW with SAW. Experienced in welding with strict requirements on interpass temperature control and welding on heat treated material. Part positioners able to orient a part weighing up to 50,000 lbs. Certified welders trained and tested by degreed welding engineers in accordance with industry standards.

Milling Machines

Three work centers capable of milling parts up to 90mm x 646mm x 3200mm in size.

Abrasion Resistant Material

Two machines and a welding robot dedicated to welding tungsten carbide ARM parts over 3405mm in length.