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Quench & Temper

TC Specializes in:

  • Water, Oil and Polymer quenching
  • Bars, Tubes, Flats, Plates, Squares, Castings, Forgings and Pup Joints
  • Bars up to 12″ diameter
  • Tubes up to 12″ outside diameter
  • Plates up to 96 inches wide

Quench & Temper Capabilities

Tube Quench and Temper at TC Industries

Tube Quench and Temper at TC Industries

We have the capability to quench and temper carbon, alloy, and stainless steels in water, oil, and polymer. We process rounds, square and flat bars, plates, and tubes.

Quench & Temper Equipment

Quench and Temper Furnaces at TC Industries

Quench and Temper Furnaces at TC Industries

All of our high temperature furnaces are gas-fired roller hearth furnaces. They are direct-fired into the furnace chamber. Most of what we heat treat is in the hot-rolled or as-rolled condition, yet that is not a requirement.

All of our tempering furnaces are continuous gas-fired recirculating furnaces. After material is quenched, it is placed on the entrance table of the tempering furnace. At this point the material begins to travel the full length of the furnace. Every inch of the material passes through the entire length of the furnace. This assures that the material is evenly tempered and that the hardness is uniform throughout the length. Temperature uniformity surveys are conducted regularly.