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In Memoriam

George A. “Bud” Berry III – 1918 to 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010 marked the end of an Era at TC Industries, Inc, when George Berry III passed away. During his 74 year career at the company, he was tireless in his endeavors to succeed in growing the business. He was innovative with his ideas yet practical in the execution of his plans for growth and expansion. He met every challenge with determination and resolve. Some of his significant accomplishments worthy of mention are:

  • Promoting the manufacture of terra cotta products, successfully achieving the family’s goal of being
  • the last major producer of terra cotta in the United States east of the Rockies.
  • Developing heat treating facilities after WWII.
  • Rebuilding the company following a devastating fire in 1952 – getting production back in place within 10 days.
  • Development of the Mill Products Division.
  • Adoption of the company’s OEM philosophy.
  • Development of our relationship with Caterpillar and other OEM’s such as Komatsu, Volvo (old Michigan).
  • Expansion of the company in Canada and Europe to meet Caterpillar worldwide demands.
  • Expansion of our TC Crystal Lake facilities to its current 500,000+ sq. ft of manufacturing space.

Bud appreciated the efforts of each and every employee. This was evident over the years in the various employee benefit programs that were instituted. TC Industries is a family-owned business and the welfare of all employees was very important to Bud. In 1986, the company launched the Quarter Century Club, honoring all employees with 25+ years of service. The number of long time employees at the company, worldwide, is a testament to the efforts of Bud and the current generation of owners, Bob & George Berry.

Bud will be greatly missed but never forgotten. Let’s all remember Bud’s favorite statement as his legacy to us: