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New Test Center Microscope

The Test Center has been updating some of our old equipment and we are proud to announce the addition of our new “state of the art” microscope.

We have retired the old microscope and now have the ability to capture images digitally. This is much more convenient than the old Polaroid film that we have been purchasing through E-bay. The new microscope has much better clarity and can magnify samples 1000 times. This allows us to better understand the microstructure of the material that we heat treat here at TC and ultimately helps us to better Take Care of the Customer.

The new microscope also arrived with imaging analysis software. This has been a huge help to us and has allowed us to give more accurate and consistent reports of decarburization , percent martensite, and soon to come percent spheroidite. Finding this information in the past would have been very time consuming, so much so, that is was rarely done in house. now it can be performed in a matter of minutes by members of the Test Center team.

The Test Center has purchased a new hardness tester. This hardness tester allows us to test with Rockwell A, B and C scales as well as 30N. Our ability to test with 30N scale will allow us to keep samples, which would previously have been sent to an outside lab, “in house.” The tester also has the ability to be linked with our network in the future. This will allow us to cut back on data entry, increasing our testing capacity and reducing the chances of errors.

This updated equipment will allow the Test Center team to provide a broader range of quality services internally, as well as to our customers. We look forward to utilizing this new equipment to its full potential.