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TC Specializes in:

  • LP Annealing
  • Process Annealing
  • Bars, Tubes, Flats and Squares

Annealing Capabilities

Annealing Furnace Inside View at TC Industries

Annealing Furnace Inside View at TC Industries

Process annealing results in mixed microstructures containing various amounts of lamellar pearlite and a fraction of spherodite. Process annealing is used to restore ductility to material thereby improving its ability to be cold worked.

LP annealing results in a predominant microstructure of lamellar pearlite. LP annealing is used to improve machinability.

Annealing Equipment

We are equipped with an annealing furnace that has a hot zone of eighty feet in length. It is an open fired continuous roller hearth furnace. There is no protective atmosphere. The subsequent zone is approximately one hundred feet, providing a slow furnace cool. This furnace can accommodate material up to thirty nine feet in length.