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Mechanical Testing

TC Specializes in:

  • Hardness Testing
  • Tensile Testing
  • Charpy Impact Testing

Hardness Testing Capabilities

Hardness Testing at TC Industries

Hardness Testing at TC Industries

  1. Brinell testing measures hardness by impressing a 10mm tungsten carbide ball into the surface of the material with a 3000kg load. The diameter of the impression is measured with a portable microscope and converted into a Brinell Hardness Number (HBW). Testing is in accordance with ASTM E10 and A370.
  2. Rockwell testing measures hardness by pressing either a 1/16″ diameter steel ball or a diamond penetrator into the material surface. The Rockwell test measures the depth of the penetration and hardness is read directly on a dial or digital readout. Testing is conducted in accordance with ASTM E18 and A370.

Hardness Testing Equipment

  1. Two 4-post hydraulic Brinell machines can test bars up to 12″ diameter. Two C-type hydraulic Brinell machines are used for testing small sections and samples.
  2. A United digital Rockwell hardness testing tester and a Wilson analog Rockwell hardness tester for testing to the B, C, 15N and 30N scales.
  3. King portable Brinell hardness testers.

Charpy Impact Testing Equipment

Charpy Impact Testing at TC Industries

Charpy Impact Testing at TC Industries

  1. A 400 Ft-lb optically encoded Charpy impact tester for charpy impact testing in accordance with ASTM E23 and A370. Testing at temperatures down to -80 F is achieved with a liquid chiller.

Tensile Testing Equipment

  1. A 400,000 pound capacity tensile machine for tensile testing in accordance with ASTM A370 and ASTM E8.

Other Equipment

  1. Two Mazak CNC lathes with live tooling for preparing precise tensile and charpy impact test specimens to ASTM standards.
  2. Two band saws, two large wet abrasive saws and a laboratory metallographic saw used for sectioning and preparing samples.