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Since 1881
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TC Specializes in:

  • Bars, tubes, flats and squares
  • Rotary straighten up to 3.125″ diameter
  • Hydraulic press straighten up to 14″ diameter
  • Lengths up to 45 feet

Straightening Capabilities

Round Straightening at TC Industries

Round Straightening at TC Industries

In the course of most heat treat cycles, the material undergoes some distortion. We have straightening capabilities for nearly any material size and shape that we heat treat. Rounds, structural shapes, and flat bar products are straightened using hydraulic presses or rotary straightening. If required by the specification or customer, subsequent stress relieving will be performed.

Bars of special straightness are furnished within a variation from a straight line of not more than 1/8″ in any five feet and may not exceed 1/8″ times number of feet of length divided by five.

Straightening Equipment

The Mill Products division is equipped with three rotary straighteners for round bars and two roller levelers for flat material. We have six horizontal hydraulic presses with up to 500 tons of force for straightening heavier rounds, flats and squares. These are also used to camber-straighten flat bars.

Please note that we are unable to straighten twisted bars. Round bars from .625″ to 1″ in diameter are limited to 25 feet maximum length.