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Burn to length

Capable of burning parts as thick as 76.2mm and as wide as 550mm.

Cut to length

Capable of cutting parts as thick as 76.2mm and as wide as 550mm.

Burn to Shape

Capable of burning parts to shape as large as 7560 x 3600 x 150 while holding a 3mm profile tolerance.

CNC Machining Centers

CNC machines with a maximum machining footprint of 1524mm wide x 8229mm long.

Drill and Tap

Capable of adding a drill and tap hole in varying sizes.

Multi-spindle Drilling Machines

Capable of simultaneously drilling up to 21 in-line holes in parts up to 60mm x 482.6 x 3657.6mm in size.

Heat Treating Furnaces

Heat treating furnaces with maximum temperatures ranging from 1600-1825 degrees Fahrenheit. Parts processed up to 120mm x 1250mm x 7400mm in size.

Punch Presses

Capable of punching holes in parts in various thicknesses.

Forming Presses

Capable of forming and hot forming parts to shape depending on customer needs.

Straightening Presses

Capable of straightening parts of various shapes and sizes to meet customer needs.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasters using steel shot media to clean parts, including a pass through blaster, tumble blaster, and turntable blaster. Capable of processing parts up to 1370mm wide for pass through blaster and 2100mm wide on the turntable blaster.

Milling Machines

Capable of milling parts up to 90mm x 646mm x 3200mm in size.

Carbide Wear Application

Capable of applying tungsten carbide strips to parts over 3405mm in length and in varying patterns to meet customer needs.