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Manual Welding

TCI employs SMAW, GTAW, and semi-automatic GMAW-Spray, GMAW-Pulse, FCAW, and MCAW (Metal-Core Arc Welding) processes using annually calibrated, multi-process power supplies to provide value-added operations to our heavy-metal fabrications. Our personnel are experienced in welding, using strict requirements for interpass and maximum heat input temperature control, with various types of sequencing, for welding on heat treated and non-heat treated materials. Part positioners, capable of orienting assemblies weighing up to 50,000 lbs., are used for easy-accessible positioning.

Robotic Welding

TCI has a 2-robot, 6-axis robotic welding cell, capable of using GMAW-Spray, or GMAW-Pulse processes, with a multi-axis positioner that uses quick change tooling technology for rapid loading/unloading of large assemblies. The robotic cell utilizes wire touch sensing, thru-the-arc seam tracking and has remote temperature sensing feedback capabilities, to monitor the part temperature during welding. TCI has a trained staff of robotic programmers, weld operator and maintenance technicians to support this cell. We also have several 2-axis mechanized GMAW cells, using modular track driven system technology with semi-automatic torch positioning for producing high quality, single-pass and multi-pass welds in long, straight line assemblies and for Cladding Overlay, Buttering and Hardfacing applications.